Let Us Show You How To Avoid These Top Billing Errors:

- Duplicate Claims
- Billing for Non-covered Services
- Failure to Demonstrate Medical Necessity
- Incorrect Diagnosis Code Assignment
- Incorrect Procedure Code Assignment
- Unbundling
- Missing or Inappropriate Modifiers
- Missing or Incorrect Charges

Are You Tired of Claim Rejections and Denials?

AQCC provides top-notch denials management services.  Give us your denied and rejected claims and let us get to work obtaining your well-deserved reimbursement.  We are well-versed with various payer policies and medical coding policies.  We use this to ensure the claims are corrected and processed in a timely and efficient manner.

Correct Coding Facilitates:
  - Accurate Billing
  - Faster Reimbursement
  - Improved Patient Safety and Outcomes
  - Better Understanding of Population Acuity

Is your Practice Facing a Pre- or Post Payment Audit?  Let Our Compliance Team Help.  

-Detailed Coding and Billing Audits

- Comprehensive Medical Coding Education

- Compliance Plan Development

- Denials Management

- Revenue Cycle Management

- Pre billing Edit Reviews

- Physician Template Review and Design